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Indoor Pentathlon Records

The indoor pentathlon consists of five separate events with grading tables used to convert individual event performances to points. The athlete that accumulates the most points wins.

For some reason, the men and women contest different events in their indoor pentathlons. The men compete in the 60m hurdles, long jump, shot put, high jump and 1000m. The women have the 60m hurdles. high jump, shot put, long jump and 800m.

The women compete in the indoor pentathlon in the IAAF World Indoor Championships since its introduction as a championship event in 1995. The nearest event for the men at this level is an indoor heptathlon.

The indoor pentathlon has been a part of the World Masters Indoor Championships since the first champs in 2004.

Where Centre records are better performances than National or World records, this likely indicates that the athlete either failed to apply for the record within the application window or was unable to meet the stricter paperwork requirements. More recent records could still be in the processing stage at World or National level.

Note: Athletes move. Wellington records applicable to athletes registered to Wellington at time of performance. Island championship records applicable to athletes registered to that island at time of performance. NZ records applicable to athletes registered appropriately to NZMA at time of performance. Oceania championship records applicable to athletes registered to OMA at time of performance. World records quote national affiliation of athlete at time of performance.

Prior to the September 2016 agreement on shared membership between Athletics New Zealand and New Zealand Masters Athletics, only those masters athletes who had joined NZMA were eligible to claim records. Now domestic Masters Records can be claimed by both ANZ and NZMA members.

Note 1: Age factor points tables were updated by World Masters in 2010, revised again in 2015 and 2023.

Note 2:  Records marked + require recalculation to 2015 factors. Records marked * require the individual event performances to be located to allow the recalculation to 2015 factors.

Note: World Masters Athletics have recalculated the points totals to reflect the latest combined event scoring tables. Wellington Masters, New Zealand Masters and Oceania Masters have not yet undertaken this task.

  NZ Indoor World Indoor
M35 no record 4057

Oscar Garrido ESP (2014)
M40 no record 4361

Mattias Sunneborn SWE (2013)
M45 no record 4046

Mattias Sunneborn SWE  (2016)
M50 2921

Stephen Te Whaiti (2017)

Jose Antonio Urena Vano ESP (2018)
M55 no record 4234

Jose Antonio Urena Vano ESP (2022)
M60 no record 4216

Rolf Geese GER (2004)
M65 no record 4360

Klemens Grissmer GER (2017)
M70 no record 4241

Valdis Cela LAT (2018)
M75 no record 4009

Rolf Geese GER (2019)
M80 no record 3854

Willi Klaus GER (2019)
M85 no record 2813

Knut Skramstad NOR (2022)
M90 no record 2915

Ralph Maxwell USA (2012)
  NZ Indoor World Indoor
  NZ Indoor World Indoor
W35 no record 4191

Inma Gasull ESP (2003)
W40 no record 4295

Sonia Del Prete FRA (2011)
W45 no record 4480

Barbara Gähling GER (2011)
W50 no record 4590

Petra Bajeat FRA (2019)
W55 no record 4532

Neringa Jakstiene USA (2019)
W60 no record 4373

Maria R Escribano Checa ESP (2021)
W65 no record 4204

Phil Raschker USA (2012)
W70 no record 4047

 Riet Jonkers-Slegers NED (2014)
W75 no record 4084

 Riet Jonkers-Slegers NED (2019)
W80 no record 2725

 Irene Obera USA (2015)
W85 no record  2388

Florence Meiler USA (2022)
W90 no record  1074

Olga Kotelko CAN (2012)
  NZ Indoor World Indoor

World Records from World Masters Athletics as at 3 February 2023.

Oceania Championship Records from Oceania Athletics as at September 2019.

NZ Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at 16 February 2023.

NZMA Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at 16 February 2023.

South Island Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at February 2023.

North Island Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at January 2023.

Wellington Records as at 7 May 2023.


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