Wellington Masters Athletics
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Wellington Masters athletes have earned and been presented awards in various categories:

  • The Wellington Masters Athlete of the Year

  • The Noeleen Perry Memorial Trophy

  • The Jim Lockhart & Marie Hewitson Memorial Baton

  • Service Awards from NZ Masters Athletics

  • Athlete of the Year from NZ Masters Athletics

  • Wellington Athletics Life Members

Wellington Masters Athlete of the Year

Year Recipient
2017 Jacqueline Wilson & Jim Blair
2016 Jacqueline Wilson & Tony Price
2015 Judy Hammond & Gary Rawson
2014 Judy Hammond
2013 Jacqueline Wilson
2012 Jacqueline Wilson
2011 Jim Blair
2010 Anne Hare
2009 Grant McLean
2008 Jim Blair
2007 Colleena Blair
2006 Peter Baillie
2005 Bill Nicholson
2004 Simon Poelman
2003 Bernie Portenski
2002 Barry Prosser
2001 Ellis Goodyear
2000 Judy Hammond

Noeleen Perry Memorial Trophy

Year Recipient
2018 Jacqueline Wilson
2017 Jacqueline Wilson
2016 Jacqueline Wilson
2015 Jacqueline Wilson

This award is presented in conjunction with the Wellington Masters 3000m Centre Championship and is awarded to the female masters athlete with the highest age-grade score.

The Jim Lockhart & Marie Hewitson Memorial Baton
Year Winner
2018 Brian Garmonsway (Trentham)
2017 Michelle van Looy (Olympic)
2016 Michelle van Looy (Olympic)
2015 John Wood (Hutt Valley)
2014 Vicki Humphries (WHAC)
2013 Michelle van Looy (Olympic)
2012 Michael Wray (Scottish)
2011 Teresa Cox (Trentham)
2010 Diane Rogers (Trentham)
2009 Diane Rogers (Trentham)
2008 Graeme Lear (Scottish)
2007 Sheryne Beeby (Olympic)
2006 Ellis Goodyear (Capital)
2005 Peter Thomas (Trentham)
2004 Peter Thomas (Trentham)
2003 Diane Rogers (Trentham)
2002 Ellis Goodyear (Capital)
2001 Ellis Goodyear (Capital)
2000 Diane Rogers (Trentham)
1999 Diane Rogers (Trentham)

This award is presented in conjunction with the Masters Johnsonville 8km Road Race and is awarded to the athlete whose time is the closest to an age group record.

NZ Masters Athlete of the Year
Wellington Winners
Year Winner
2018 Jacqueline Wilson (Walks)
Peter Stevens (Distance)
2017 Jacqueline Wilson (Walks)
Tony Price (Distance)
2016 Judy Hammond (Jumps)
2014 Judy Hammond (Jumps)
2012 Judy Hammond (Jumps)
2006 Peter Baillie (Walks)
NZ Masters Service Awards
Wellington Recipients
Badge Winner
Silver (10 years) Bruce Perry (2006)
Noeleen Perry (2006)
John Palmer (2012)
Brian Watson (2016)
Veronica Gould (2017)
John Hammond (2017)
Gold (20 years) Jim Blair (2006)
Richard Harris (2006)
Vic Marks (2006)
Rob McGregor (2006)
John Palmer (2016)
Dawn Melrose (2018)
Wellington Masters Athletics Life Members
Heather May (2010)
Heather May awarded Life Membership in 2010 by Athletics NZ President Jim Blair
John Palmer & Dick Harris (2010)
John Palmer (left) and the late Dick Harris (right) awarded Life Membership in 2010 by President Brian Watson
Bruce & Noeleen Perry (2008)
Bruce and Noeleen Perry awarded Life Membership in 2008 by Jim Blair
Jim & Colleena Blair (2004)
Jim and Colleena Blair awarded Life Membership in September 2004

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