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NZ Indoor Championships

The NZ Indoor Championships Championships are held every year.

They are usually held in mid-July. Auckland is the only city in New Zealand to have indoor facilities so the championships are always held at the AUT Millennium Centre on the North Shore.

This facility only has a long enough track to cater for 50m; NZ has yet to develop a full 200m indoor track.

The first event was held in 2015 and the event has grown to cater for a fuller range of events. Due to the proximity of conventional outdoor facilities, some outdoor events are sometimes offered to fill out the programme.

Indoor Championship Events

50m Hurdles


Long High Triple Pole Vault
Shot Put


# Year Host Centre Location
not held due to COVID
5 2019 Auckland AUT Millennium
4 2018 Auckland AUT Millennium
3 2017 Auckland AUT Millennium
2 2016 Auckland AUT Millennium
1 2015 Auckland AUT Millennium


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  Last Updated 22 December 2023