Wellington Masters Athletics
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Wellington Masters Track & Field

The Wellington Masters Centre Track & Field Championships are held every year and run in conjunction with the junior and senior championships. This allows fields to be matched for competitive purposes.

Participant numbers tend to be on the low side for all three grades of juniors, seniors and masters, with athletes often saving their appearances for national competition.

Results for prior years are hard to locate. These pages will be used to preserve the record going forward and we will fill in the historic record if we can.

Standard Championship Events

60m 100m 200m 400m
Middle & Distance
800m 1500m Mile 3000m
5000m 10000m
Short Hurdles Long Hurdles Steeples


1500m Track Walk 3000m Track Walk 5000m Track Walk 10000m Track Walk


Long High Triple Pole Vault
Shot Put Javelin Discus Hammer Weight
Combined Events
Pentathlon Throws Pentathlon


Year Photos
2019/20 Day1 Day2
2016/17 5000m 3000m
2015/16 Day1 Day2
2014/15 Day2
2013/14 5000m
These lists will be expanded if we can gather results for prior years.


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  Last Updated 22 December 2023