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Mile Records

The mile is an iconic distance that is rarely raced since athletics in countries that traditionally use imperial measures moved to metric to conform to international standards.

The mile race is 1609.32 metres. It remains the only imperial distance for which the IAAF records an official world record.

It has never appeared at the Olympics and is not offered at any Masters championships. Opportunities to race the distance are limited to standalone events.

The addition of the mile category to the NZ Masters records is a recent change, followed by Wellington Masters, so the lack of mile races mean the records themselves are sparse. It is certain that many otherwise eligible records have not been identified from pre-record tracking days.

Only track miles are accorded record status. Road miles are a separate event for which no records are maintained.

Where Centre records are better performances than National or World records, this likely indicates that the athlete either failed to apply for the record within the application window or was unable to meet the stricter paperwork requirements. More recent records could still be in the processing stage at World or National level.

Electronic times are preferred but not required, with the proviso that hand times require three watch readings. Where it is not readily evident that a historical hand timed record or electronic time is faster, both will be listed. [I believe any time given with a single decimal is hand timed but unless marked it is not explicitly expressed.]

Note: Athletes move. Wellington records applicable to athletes registered to Wellington at time of performance. Island championship records applicable to athletes registered to that island at time of performance. NZ records applicable to athletes registered appropriately to NZMA at time of performance. Oceania championship records applicable to athletes registered to OMA at time of performance. World records quote national affiliation of athlete at time of performance.

  Wellington NZ National World World Indoor
M35 3:56.77

Nicholas Willis (2018)

Nicholas Willis (2018)

Bernard Lagat USA (2011)

Bernard Lagat USA (2010)
M40 4:34.41

Grant McLean (2010)
no record 3:57.91

Bernard Lagat USA (2015)

Bernard Lagat USA (2015)
M45 4:46.08

Michael Wray (2015)

Dave Sirl (1987)

Tony Young USA (2008)

Anthony Whiteman GBR (2017)
M50 5:03.49

Michael Wray (2018)

Andrew Stark (2009)

Nolan Shaheed USA (2001)

Sean Wade USA (2016)
M55 5:24.10

Tony Price (2015)
no record 4:35.04

Keith Bateman AUS (2010)

Nolan Shaheed USA (2006)
M60 5:43.68

Marshall Clark (2016)
no record 4:51.85

Tony McManus NZL (2012)

Nolan Shaheed USA (2012)
M65 7:06.00

John Skinnon (2016)

Derek Turnbull (1992)

Derek Turnbull NZL (1992)

Frank Condon USA (2008)
M70 no record no record 5:19.75

Joop Ruter NED (2003)

Gary Patton USA (2017)
M75 no record no record 5:41.80

Ed Whitlock CAN (2006)

Earl Fee CAN (2003)
M80 no record no record 6:22.69

Manuel Alonso Domingo ESP (2017)

Inocencio Cantu USA (2014)
M85 11:16.00

Michael Browne (2016)
no record 7:16.7

David Carr AUS (2017)

Vincent Malizia USA (2000)
M90 no record no record 10:30.9

Peter Brownbill AUS (2008)

Orville Rogers USA (2008)
M95 no record no record 14:48.2

Herb Kirk USA (1990)

Orville Rogers USA (2013)
  Wellington NZ National World World Indoor
  Wellington NZ National World World Indoor
W35 4:53.41

Tina Faulkner (2018)

Tina Faulkner (2018)

Maricica Puica ROM (1985)

Helen Clitheroe GBR (2010)
W40 5:36.92

Renae Creser (2015)

Penny Peskett (2018)

Yekatarina Podkopayeva URS (1993)

Sonja Friend-Uhl USA (2012)
W45 5:38.34

Anne Hare (2013)
no record 4:48.42

Yekatarina Podkopayeva URS (1997)

Corinne Debaets BEL (2008)
W50 5:48.70

Anne Hare (2014)

Meghann Stewart (2014)

Gitte Karlshöj DEN (2010)

Lucy Elliott GBR (2017)
W55 no record no record 5:17.37

Silke Schmidt GER (2015)

Kathryn Martin USA (2007)
W60 no record 6:43.2

Isabel Foley (1994)

Lesley Hinz  USA (2018)

Lesley Hinz  USA (2018)
W65 no record no record 5:54.59

Angela Copson GBR (2015)

Kathryn Martin USA (2017)
W70 no record no record 6:38.30

Sharon Gerl USA (2018)

Marie Michelsohn USA (2012)
W75 no record no record 6:58.44

Jeanne Daprano USA (2012)

Jeanne Daprano USA (2012)
W80 no record no record 8:33.76

Helly Visser CAN (2014)

Helly Visser CAN (2014)
W85 no record no record 10:55.25

Blanche Cummings USA (2015)

Ivy Granstrom CAN (1999)
W90 no record no record 13:26.46

Colleen Milliman USA (2017)
no record
  Wellington NZ National World World Indoor

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