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50km Road Walk Best Performances/Records

A 10000m track walk was held sporadically at the Olympics until 1924. After that it became a road race but the distance was changed to 20km and 50km after 1952. The 10km road walk returned briefly for the 1992 and 1996 Olympics as events for women, before giving way to the 20km distance.

The event is not contested at any championship level for masters, making the opportunity to compete, let alone set a record, a rare one.

As a result, it is not a record category maintained at the Centre level. NZMA only keep 50km walk records for men.

Where Centre records are better performances than National or World records, this likely indicates that the athlete either failed to apply for the record within the application window or was unable to meet the stricter paperwork requirements. More recent records could still be in the processing stage at World or National level.

Note: Athletes move. Wellington records applicable to athletes registered to Wellington at time of performance. Island championship records applicable to athletes registered to that island at time of performance. NZ records applicable to athletes registered appropriately to NZMA at time of performance. Oceania championship records applicable to athletes registered to OMA at time of performance. World records quote national affiliation of athlete at time of performance.

Prior to the September 2016 agreement on shared membership between Athletics New Zealand and New Zealand Masters Athletics, only those masters athletes who had joined NZMA were eligible to claim records. Now domestic Masters Records can be claimed by both ANZ and NZMA members.

  NZ National World
M35 3:57:13

Quentin Rew (2021)

Yohann Diniz FRA (2014)
M40 5:15:22.0

R Gillum (2003)

Josť Marin ESP (1992)
M45 4:39:27.0

 Gary Little (1991)

Jesus Garcia ESP (2015)
M50 4:16:36.4

Gary Little (1992)

Jesus Garcia ESP (2021)
M55 4:49:36.0

Gary Little (1997)

Granziano Morotti ITA (2007)
M60 5:25:44.0

Gary Little (2003)

Andrew Jamieson AUS (2008)
M65 5:52:58.0

D Harris (1991)

Leon Jasionowski USA (2010)
M70 6: 56:47.0

D Harris (1998)

Arthur Thomson GBR (2007)
M75 no record 5:19:34

James Grimwade GBR (1987)
M80 no record 6:41:31

Bauke te Nijenhuis  NED (2016)
M85 no record 8:12:30

Koos Van Rijn NED (2014)
  NZ National World
  NZ National World
W35 no record 4:09:21

Ines Henriques POR (2018)
W40 no record 4:42:34

Susan Randall USA (2014)
W45 no record 4:54:31

Kelly Ruddick AUS (2018)
W50 no record 5:10:52

Teresa Vail USA (2017)
W55 no record 5:45:08

Elizabeth Feldman AUS (2004)
W60 no record 5:29:04

 Sandra Brown GBR (2013)
W65 no record 6:26:44

Darlene Backlund USA (2010)
W70 no record 6:09:48

Sandra Brown GBR (2019)
  NZ National World

World Records from World Masters Athletics as at 1 September 2021.

Oceania Championship Records from Oceania Athletics as at September 2019.

NZ Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at 11 October 2021.

NZMA Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at 24 March 2021.

South Island Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at November 2020.

North Island Championship Records from NZ Masters Athletics as at December 2019.

Wellington Records as at 11 October 2021.


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