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Colleena Blair Memorial Shield

This is an inter-centre competition, first held in 2016, contested between Wellington, Hawkes Bay/Gisborne, Manawatu/Wanganui and Taranaki masters. The winning centre is based on the scoring of the top age-graded master performance from each centre within each event.

Jim Blair donated the Memorial Shield, commemorating Colleena Blair.

The next holding of the inaugural Colleena Blair Memorial Shield will take place on 19 January 2020 in Palmerston North.

Shield Winners

Year First Second Third
2019 Manawatu/Wanganui
? points
Hawkes Bay/Gisborne
? points
? points
2018 Manawatu/Wanganui
78 points
68 points
Hawkes Bay/Gisborne
48 points
2017 Manawatu/Wanganui
98 points
76 points
Hawkes Bay/Gisborne
26 points
2016 Wellington
67 points
Hawkes Bay/Gisborne
67 points
64 points
Scoring System: Sum of points using five points for first place, three points for second place and one point for third place using the best age-grade percentage score per gender per centre in each event.

We don't have the specific rules on how the calculation is changed if more than one athlete or if all three athletes in the top three are from the same centre, or if there are fewer than three athletes in an event.


For 2019, the Shield points have never been made available but we think we have the placings correct.


60m 100m 200m 400m
800m 1500m
Long Jump High Jump
Shot Put Discus Javelin Hammer



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Last Updated 10 December 2019