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NZ Trail Running Champs

The New Zealand Trail Running Champs has no fixed location as such. It is one of only three championships to not have a standalone event of its one, the other being the Half Marathon and Marathon Champs. Athletics NZ always host it as a sub-event within an existing event.

While the ANZ competition have provided for a National Trail Running Championships for many events, the National Championship did not come into being until 2018. Christchurch's Crater Rim Ultra were the inaugural hosts.

The next event will be held on 13 October 2019.


Year Host Centre Location Distance
2019 Canterbury Crater Rim Ultra, Christchurch 53km
2018 Canterbury Crater Rim Ultra, Christchurch 52km
(W) denotes athletes known to be registered to the Wellington Centre at time of competition.
  M35 W35
2018 5:12:30 - Andrew Thompson (W)
5:30:34 - Paul Timothy
5:48:37 - Michael Hale
7:10:03 - Shannon-Leigh Litt
no second or third place
  M40 W40
2018 6:31:34 - Tim Mulliner
6:38:22 - Mark O'Reilly
no third place
7:11:30 - Koleighne Ford
no second or third place
  M45 W45
2018 6:34:22 - Ben Clark
no second or third place
7:45:25 - Maria Voight
no second or third place
  M50 W50
2018 6:39:06 - Paul Stevens
6:50:41 - David Clark
8:03:14 - Mark Chignell
not contested
  M55 W55
2018 7:42:11 - Kevin Hunt
no second or third place
not contested

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Last Updated 13 September 2019